Demo '15

by Lifeblind

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dead men don't rape
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dead men don't rape Jesus Christ, only one other person has picked this up? Just what is wrong with people?
Anyway I don't really think there's much point in describing this -- you can just listen to it, it only takes five minutes (well, you'll probably listen like ten or twelve times in a row, so nearly an hour in real world terms), and needless to say, this is some superior fucking Swedish death metal.
Just try not to tear any of your ligaments because involutary violent headbanging is guaranteed. Favorite track: Whispers From the Unknown.
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Recorded in opeths former rehersal crypt


released October 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Lifeblind Stockholm, Sweden

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Track Name: Whispers From the Unknown
Trying to shut it out
Ignoring the feeling that I can not hide
Voices poising my mind
Telling me to grow eyes in the back of my head

I feel so alone, yet it haunts me
Being cornered, by the unknown

Ticking time bomb
Set to explode and erase myself
Could not stand it
They watched and followed wherever I stood
Track Name: Cremated
Told to open my eyes and see
The bigger picture of what life can be
Surrounded by shit, it's clear to me

Nowhere to rest, constant hate
Greif hangs in the air as I take my last breath

Sentenced to a lifetime in hell,
i've accepted my fate
Never promised a day in heaven, born to hate

No reason to interfere, life has its way
Never had my chance in the first place

Burning hatred will cremate my soul x2